Periodontal services in Miramar

Dr. Khansari is a Board Certified Periodontist who practices in Poway a few minutes away from Miramar and proudly offers a variety of periodontal services to the residents of Miramar and the surrounding communities of Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, and Carmel Mountain Ranch.

We proudly perform a wide range of periodontal and dental services, including periodontal disease treatment, dental implants, crown lengthening, bone grafting, periodontal maintenance, cosmetic surgical procedures, and more.

Professional Miramar Periodontist

Gum disease is most often a slow, progressive infection that takes many years to evolve. Like high blood pressure, it is often “silent,” and you may not recognize that you have it. Over time, gum disease can create huge dental problems and require costly repairs. That’s why working with a dentist who has the education and experience necessary for the highest quality care is essential when you begin the treatment and repair process – and the team at Poway Perio can help.

Periodontist is a specialized field that focuses its efforts on helping patients with gum and periodontal disease, one of the most common dental health problems. Working with a dentist that has the education and experience necessary for the best quality of care is essential for starting the treatment and repair process.

Our highly trained Miramar Periodontist staff can fully assess and take care of patients within the full spectrum of periodontics, and Dr. Alireza Khansari DDS, MSD has years of experience treating patients at all stages of periodontal disease. Under the experience of Dr. Khansari and an experienced dental team, we are happy to help you fight periodontal disease and get your teeth and gums back to good health.

About Miramar

Miramar is a small community in the northern area of San Diego County, close to the neighboring areas of Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, and Sorrento Valley. Most Miramar residents live on or nearby the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, one of the largest air bases near San Diego County. The area is bordered by Interstate 805 on the west, I-15 on the east, Mira Mesa and Sorrento Valley on the north, and CA-52 on the south.

The main hub of the Miramar area lies along Miramar Road, where you’ll find dozens of restaurants, furniture stores, breweries, coffee shops, and home decor stores. This is also home to the Miramar National Cemetery, a military cemetery, and the Miramar Memorial Golf Course. Visitors will also find quite a few recreational activities in the area, including libraries, neighborhood parks, and the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, a museum that showcases historical artifacts and airplanes from the Marine Corps.

Directions to Miramar Periodontist

Our Miramar Periodontist office is located at 12630 Monte Vista Rd Ste. #204, Poway 92064. We are easily accessible from the rest of North County and inland San Diego, including Rancho Bernardo, via I-15 South, as well as areas from the south via I-15 North. From areas west of Miramar, take CA-52 E to I-25 North, and from the east, take I-52 W to I-15 North.

You can make an appointment or schedule a consultation online or by giving us a call at (858) 679-0142.

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MON 7:00am – 4:00pm
TUE 8:00am – 5:00pm
WED 7:00am – 4:00pm
THU 8:00am – 5:00pm
FRI by appointment