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All-On-Four Fixed Dentures Case Studies & Before/After Photos

All-On-Four Fixed Dentures Case #1

The patient was a 48 year old male referred to our office for evaluation for extractions and implants. The patient presented with Advanced generalized decay and Advanced Generalized Chronic Periodontitis with isolated areas of severe bone loss.

With the majority of his teeth diagnosed with a questionable to poor prognosis, Dr. Khansari recommended full mouth extraction of all of his teeth and immediate placement of implants for the fabrication of implant-supported hybrid dentures.

Dr. Khansari performed surgery in two phases under General Anesthesia without complications. Four implants were placed in the upper arch in Phase 1, and an additional four implants were placed on the lower arch in Phase 2 using surgical guides fabricated through Cone Beam CT implant planning.

Dr. Khansari placed bone grafts in the remaining extraction sockets assisted by a Platelet-rich-plasma biological mediator obtained from the patient’s own blood to promote healing. The surgeries were successful and the patient can now smile confidently and without pain!



All-On-Four Fixed Dentures Case #2

The patient was seen by Dr. Khansari for full mouth reconstruction to treat his failing dentition. The patient presented with missing and broken teeth, severe Generalized Chronic Periodontitis, and gross decay due to oral health negligence. The patient was very unhappy with his smile, bad breath, and facial collapse due to the missing back teeth.

Because the remaining teeth had a poor prognosis and were not salvageable, Dr. Khansari recommended full mouth extraction and placement of implants for fixed hybrid dentures. Dr. Khansari performed surgery under General Anesthesia without complications.

The patient was very pleased with the aesthetics and comfort of the fixed dentures. He can now smile brightly and more youthfully with all his teeth!



All-On-Four Fixed Dentures Case #3

The patient was a 75-year-old woman who had Advanced to Severe Chronic Periodontitis with a poor prognosis for all of her remaining teeth. Dr. Khansari extracted all of the patient’s upper and lower teeth, placed 4 implants on the lower arch, and placed 5 implants on the upper arch under IV sedation without complications.

Dr. Khansari was able to immediately load the implants with a temporary hybrid denture. The patient returned to her general dentist after a period of healing for conversion to her final implant-supported hybrid dentures. The patient now has a healthy and beautiful smile.



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