Waterlase Gum Disease Laser Treatment

The effects of gum disease go well beyond tooth loss; new studies are emerging that link oral and overall health. Gum disease has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, pregnancy complications, osteoporosis, cancer, herpes, HIV, and autoimmune disorders. We’re introducing a new way we’re going to treat gum disease.

Waterlase Laser Dentistry

We’re excited to announce our newest state-of-the-art dental laser at Poway

We’re excited to announce our newest state-of-the-art dental laser at Poway

Waterlase Laser Dentistry Gum treatment

Waterlase is a dental laser that enables us to use minimal anesthetic to perform many routine periodontal (and gum disease related) procedures. It is one of the most advanced dental treatments available to periodontists today! Waterlase removes inflamed tissue without an incision and the strength setting will kill the bacteria within the tissue without damaging the tissue.

Waterlase uses a patented technology that combines focused light energy with a stream of water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience. It allows us to perform a wide range of procedures that have many benefits, including:

  • Less pain and faster healing time, with less trauma to teeth and gums
  • Less usage of anesthetic for most procedures
  • Treatment of more than one part of the mouth in one visit, eliminating referrals and specialist visits in many cases
  • A more relaxing overall dental experience

Benefits of the Waterlase Laser

More Comfortable

Waterlase Laser dentistry uses laser energy combined with a cool spray of water to perform a wide range of dental procedures without the heat, vibration, and pressure associated with the dental drill.

With many procedures, it’s possible to use less anesthetic or even no anesthetic at all.

More Convenient

Dental visits can often be shorter, and more can be completed in a single visit when we use Waterlase.

When procedures are done without anesthesia, it saves time, and when procedures are completed faster, we can complete more in the same scheduled visit and save you the time of running around to various specialists.

More Precise

With Waterlase, we can remove infected periodontal tissue far more precisely than traditional gum surgery.

This saves more of the healthy parts of your periodontium and more periodontal attachment around your teeth.

Waterlase Laser Capabilities

Gum Disease


Soft Tissue Procedures

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What the Waterlase Laser Helps Treat

Our Waterlase Laser can be used to treat a variety of dental issues in a much gentler and noninvasive way, including:

Waterlase Laser to remove oral growths

Remove oral growths

Quickly and safely remove growths or excess tissue in your mouth, including gum tissue over an unerupted tooth, small “tags” called papillae, and growths called fibromas.

Waterlase laser treatment to treat periodontal disease

Treat periodontal disease

Waterlase removes debris and bacteria between your teeth and gums that can cause bleeding gums, gum recession, and even loss of teeth.

Laser to Help failing implants or Peri-implantitis

Help failing implants or Peri-implantitis

Laser energy kills bacteria, vaporizes cement, and stimulates stem cells found in your bone to reduce bacterial infection and promote healing.

laser gum treatment to improve your smile

Improve your smile

We may suggest contouring or shaping your gums using Waterlase to improve the appearance of your smile – safely removing excess gum tissue that may give you a “gummy” smile, or make your front teeth appear irregular in size or shape.

dental laser treatment to fix tongue tie

Fix a tongue tie or prevent gum recession

Connections that restrict the movement of your tongue or cause your gums to recede can be “released” with less postoperative pain. This can even assist with speech impediments resulting from tongue tie, and latching problems for babies.

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The Waterlase Laser may also be used to perform other procedures that could benefit your oral health. Contact Dr. Khansari and our team at Poway Perio & Dental Implant Center in San Diego today to find out if a Waterlase treatment might be the right one for you.

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