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Multiple Implants Case Studies & Before/After Photos

Multiple Implants Case #1

The patient was a 68-year-old male initially referred to our office for an evaluation of a single broken tooth. Following a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Khansari, the patient presented with Generalized Advanced Chronic Periodontitis with isolated severe areas. The patient was missing the majority of his molars and had fractured multiple teeth due to the collapse of his bite.

Dr. Khansari recommended 3 quadrants of osseous surgery to control the active periodontal disease and attempt to save the remainder of his teeth. Over the next year, Dr. Khansari performed osseous surgery, and extractions, and placed 7 implants to restore the patient’s bite as teeth continued to break.

Following a car accident in 2014, the patient fractured additional teeth. Dr. Khansari extracted the broken teeth and placed 3 more implants. The patient is still in ongoing treatment to restore his implants and stabilize his dental health.



Multiple Implants Case #2

The patient was a 56-year-old male referred to our office for a consultation for implants in the lower left quadrant. The patient was missing his lower right molars and had broken his 2nd premolar.

Dr. Khansari determined that the premolar was not savable. Dr. K extracted the tooth and placed 3 implants under IV sedation without complications. The implants were restored by Dr. Khansari in coordination with the general dentist.

The patient returned to our office 4 years later for evaluation of 2 infected teeth. Both teeth were root canal treated and presented with chronic periapical abscesses suggesting the teeth were cracked. Dr. Khansari extracted both teeth and grafted the sockets in preparation for implants. Following the healing period, Dr. Khansari placed two implants.

The patient then returned 2 years later after breaking another tooth. Dr. Khansari was able to extract and immediately place an implant. All implants were restored in coordination with the general dentist to produce natural-looking crowns. The patient was happy with the results.



Multiple Implants Case #3

The patient was a 51-year-old male referred to our office for evaluation. The patient was a smoker and presented with Generalized Advanced Periodontitis with isolated severe areas. The patient had severe mobility in the isolated areas due to bone loss. Dr. Khansari recommended 4 quadrants of osseous surgery and bone grafting in order to reduce pocketing and treat periodontal disease.

Because of the severe areas, Dr. Khansari recommended the extraction of 5 teeth with a poor prognosis. The patient was already missing the majority of his molars and the extraction of the additional 5 teeth would leave the patient with the loss of all back teeth, leading to a posterior bite collapse. Dr. Khansari recommended the placement of 6 implants to restore the patient’s occlusion and relieve the anterior teeth of chewing forces.

Treatment was done in two phases. In phase 1, Dr. Khansari performed 4 quadrants of osseous surgery, extracted 5 teeth, a sinus lift, and bone grafting in preparation for implants under IV sedation. The treatment was completed without complications, and Dr. Khansari used Plasma-rich platelets derived from the patient’s own blood to promote tissue regeneration.

After the healing period was complete, Dr. Khansari proceeded to surgical planning for the placement of implants. The patient requested the placement of 2 additional implants to restore his posterior bite completely. The surgical placement of 8 implants was successfully performed by Dr. Khansari under General Anesthesia.

The implants were restored by the patient’s general dentist and the patient continued to receive regular periodontal maintenance care at our office, stabilizing his periodontal disease.



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